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Sacred Flower Goddess Retreat

Reunion, Florida

May 5 - 8, 2023


Sacred Flower Goddess Retreat

Allow yourself to dive deeper into your divine feminine energy while sharing space with other Goddesses.

Diving deep, requires going within, doing the work, but first showing up for yourself. Are you longing for alignment within your life? A chance to embrace your inner child and show her just how radiantly vibrant you truly are. 

The Sacred Flower Goddess Retreat is a safe space for the divine feminine to heal together in sisterhood, offering a variety of healing modalities and relaxation.

Join us for this unique opportunity to rebirth the sacred flower within and discover how bright, free and beautiful your spirit shines. You'll experience true happiness and connect with other goddesses while learning essential tools you need to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself and experience, spiritual awakening, emotional wellbeing, and greater physical health and vitality.


"A beautiful and refreshing experience, exactly what I need to motivate me to get back to loving on me and purposeful in my business."

"Peaceful, relaxing, delicious food"

"The Goddess Retreat was amazing. It was relaxing, educational, loving, healthy, and just an overall good time."


"The experiences was amazing and i'm still feeling the benefits of it. There was such a shift and it was such a powerful weekend. I am extremely grateful I decided to attend,"

"I can also attest it saved my life as well, I mean literally, the week before the retreat, I was suicidal! Yeah, and the enemy knew this retreat was going to be life changing, so she is grateful to be present!!! And now I have inner peace!  Still healing, of course, but going forward! Sooo grateful everyday !"


What to expect at this retreat?

- Shared Accommodation

- Alkaline & Vegan Meals

- Morning Yoga Flow

- Creative Activities

- Chakra Healing Dance

- Rapéh Grounding Circle

- Chakra & Yoni Art Therapy

- Moving Meditation

- Sacred Script

- Plant Medicine (Psilocybin, Rapéh, Ceremonial Cacao)

- Sound Bath Healing

- Vegan Food Demo

- An Abundance of Relaxation


Meet The Facilitators



Gisel Castillo is an Rapeh and Meditation Facilitator, Group Healing Host and Organizer and Holistic Intuitive Herbalist. Gisel is the founder of Gisel's Harmony which creates harmony within the mind, body and spirit using holistic healing products such as oils, butters, tinctures, tea and more as well as offers a variety of healing workshops. She has been hosting healing circles for over 8 years from Sister Circles to Grounding Ceremonies and Creative Group Therapies. Gisel has done work with young women and women at homeless shelters, mentoring programs, faculty teams at school and have worked with a collage creating safe spaces for people to heal. 

Jadie Byrd

Chef Jadie Byrd is an Atlanta based Vegan Cannabis Chef, cake artist and food stylist. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University and has uniquely combined delicious vegan cuisine with cannabis. She is the owner of Eat Di Herb, a vegan cannabis bakery and catering service. Chef Jadie Byrd is a published author of the cookbook Eat Di Herb; A Compilation Of My Favorite Vegan Recipes Infused With Cannabis. Chef Jadie Byrd puts a unique twist on cooking with cannabis.

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Goddess Christina

Christina Long is an esthetician and yoga instructor living in Atlanta, GA. She is conduit of Divine Feminine energy empowering & healing bodies through beauty services, self care & movement. She empowers people to believe in their personal power, and that they can overcome unpleasant life situations with yoga practices and treating their bodies as a temple! As an esthetician, she has experience in makeup application, facials, and body waxing! As a yoga instructor, she’s worked with beginners of all body types and ages to well experienced yogis! She is certified in Vinyasa yoga, and has experience in Ashtanga based yoga and Hot Yoga!

Goddess Chantana Eshè

Chantana Eshè is a southern roots Storyteller, Educator, Interpretive Dancer, and Meditation Facilitator. With over 19 years of experience, Chantana Eshè is known for expressions that encompass prayers and ancestral reverence that hugs the soul. Chantana Eshè is the founder of Spirit Eshè Goods, an intuitive botanica that supports transformative healing for the mind, body, and spirit. She is also the founder of the Living Room Manifestation Workshop Series, the Birthing Wholeness 21 Day challenge, and cofounder of the Cultivate You rites of passage program. An advocate of all things natural and ancestral, her mission is to guide the collective to honor their history, tell their stories, and create a vibrant life that aligns with their Soul.

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