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Meet Gisel

Listen... Listen closely to the rhythm of life. Everything is in tune and flowing so beautifully. It's harmony. We are harmony. At times we are out of tune but still we flow ever blooming and evolving. What are the different elements that create the ever lasting rhythm in our lives? There are different aspects of our life for example, our health, love, career, the things that allow us to create, express and feel. The things we give our energy to, creates our harmony. These things make us feel connected in a wired yet normal kind of way. These elements may give us a sense of freedom, joy, happiness. They may liberate our mind, body and soul or create sadness, fear, and disappointment when we are not in tune or in harmony with the rhythm of life.

The most important element of my life is my health because that is the only element in my life that fuels me enough to keep going, growing, flowing in harmony. It started with the ideal of what I was consuming physically and mentally. That is what makes you who you are in my perspective. The change was as easy as making a choice to stop consuming what dose not help the functions in my body work at there fullest protentional. Shortly after changing my diet, I remember how becoming an herbalist choose me at a very young age while playing in the dirt and making remedies for my baby doll which was always sick. I've always had a deep relationship with herbs and plant medicine. This calling to continue my work with plants is never ending but here I promise to share what I craft. 

After doing my best to remove those aspect of my life that did not serve my higher self from living in harmony, I experienced a rebirth. I was determined to not become a victim of my experience and circumstances. My mission became and still is, to assist as many young women and women to live a life in harmony despite what they may go through in life. I remember a time where I became very transparent about how my life was unfolding and coming to the realization that so many women had experienced similar obstacles. From that pivotal moment in my life, I had become more in alignment with my divine purpose then ever before. Everything I needed to heal, all the healing tools and the work I need to do became clear and appeared abundantly in my life. By creating harmony within my mind, body and spirit through these collective healing tools and rituals, Her Harmony Empowers and a variety of healing workshops have become available to assist you in living in harmony.